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"I don't think a woman is really a woman, unless she's a blonde, you know? " - Gia Carangi
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Why, yes, I most certainly do have a 2’x2’ Scrabble board that is filled with (almost) entirely legitimate Orphan Black related words using every Scrabble tile. Thank you for asking.
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Family: So, do you have a boyfriend?


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do you remember the first time you watched the orphan black finale. the music is building its emotional swell, the genome is decoding across the screen, alison’s signed the contract, sarah’s about to give herself over to rachel, “whatever freedom they promise is-is bullshit” “they patented us” “they could claim kira” “i’m sick delphine”, and your heart just sinks into your stomach because these women, these fully actualized human beings who are smart and brave and clever and loved and barely holding it together and fighting tooth and nail for every scrap of their lives, are property and they are losing themselves even in that fight for it

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